Flick the switch, turn on your power: The Fastlift Power G 380 features a Graphene-infused Powerheel for superior stability & lightweight lifting support.

Founded in 2003, inov-8 is one of the world’s leading footwear, apparel and equipment brands in both the running and fitness sectors. Operating in over 60 countries, inov-8 prides itself on designing high quality, innovative products in both the running & performance training sectors.
The brand’s origins and footprints remain firmly etched into the muddy British fells but over the years inov-8 has optimised its products to meet the needs of the many terrains it has travelled. From the mountain summits of the Alps and Rockies to the desert wilderness of the Sahara and Antarctica, these adventures have led inov-8 to one single truth: The athletes’ interaction with the environment is the single most important factor when designing products.
The brand launched a world-first in 2018 when they pioneered the use of wonder-material graphene in sports shoes.

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