Ultimate Carb Control White Kidney Bean, 6000 mg, 90 Quick Release Capsules:

What is White Kidney Bean?
The White Kidney Bean is a delicacy native to Central and South America. This legume is widely revered in Latin and European culinary practices where it’s often used in soup. In addition, it’s cultivated as a Superfood featured in various Supplement formulas. Kidney Bean is an excellent source of Dietary Fiber and Protein, as well as minerals like Iron, Selenium, Chromium and Folate. Don’t enjoy the taste of beans? There are other ways to reap the benefits of this nutritious Superfood.

PipingRock’s White Kidney Bean
PipingRock now carries the ultimate White Kidney Bean supplement for maximum support. A single daily Quick-Release capsule delivers the equivalent of 6,0000 mg of potent White Kidney Bean. We nurture our extracts and put them through rigorous testing to ensure strong potency and bioavailability. Rest assured, you’re receiving the best form of this incredible, magic bean!

PipingRock - Ultimate Carb Control White Kidney Bean Capsules

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