Each designed Oxford shirt is made of premium materials, only 100% cotton to guarantee perfection in style for many wears over the years. The fabric itself stays comfortable even after wearing the shirt for a whole day, remaining breathable despite the slightly heavy Oxford weave. Instead of dragging you down, it keeps you smart and relaxed as you enjoy your day and work at the office.

Luxire - The Semi-Formal OXFORD Shirt Your Wardrobe Needs

Luxire is an outcome of happyquest for quality in Men’s clothing. Perfect Fit, excellent style, high quality and affordable clothing, made of fabrics from the top Italian mills.

Luxire has created an infrastructure that allows men from all over the world to order clothing in their own sizes, solving the biggest problem with buying clothes – Luxire’s clothes always fit, and all sizes are always available.

With an extensive range of apparel, Luxire is more on the classic clothing mould, making items that real men wear in the real world: shirts, trousers, jeans, shoes, suits, jackets, coats. All made in-house.

Also, Luxire is green, contributing positively to the circular clothing revolution by minimizing wastage.

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