Royal shorts as worn in the 1960’s.
Made in Heavy Drill 100% cotton jersey 255 gsm

TOFFS: The Old Fashioned Football Shirt Co. is the largest manufacturer and retailer of authentic retro football shirts. Their range covers the period from 1875 to the early 1990’s and includes club and national team shirts from all over the world. All shirts are made in Great Britain.

TOFFS also offers a wide range of other football products and memorabilia:

  • Retro Track Tops.
  • T-shirts – Club t-shirts and our designer range of Stanley Chow, Art of Football, Pennarello, Miniboro & football icons T-shirts
  • Gifts – DVDs, Books, Scarves, Prints etc
  • Kids Shirts
  • Vintage Rugby Jerseys & Hoodies
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